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5 things to consider when creating a brand logo

One of the key components of branding is your business’s logo. This image is often the first thing people see when they come across your business and it can have a lasting effect in a consumer’s mind. Sometimes, a logo even has the power to influence buying decisions. As such, it’s important to put care into designing a logo by making sure it’s an accurate representation of the business. Here are a few things to consider when creating a brand logo.

Does the color scheme fit the brand?

There’s a bit more to selecting the colors for your logo than simply picking your favorites. You’ll want to instead choose a color scheme that fits your business’s products, services, or values. For example, a landscaping company might go with more earthy tones for the logo like greens, browns, tans, etc. In October Dreams Marketing’s case, we chose black, orange, purple, and green to represent the month of October, Halloween, and witchy vibes. 

Did you know that certain colors subconsciously evoke different emotions in consumers? Many brands use color psychology to influence the way consumers perceive the brand. For example, the color blue is related to trust and dependability, while orange represents confidence and cheerfulness. You may wish to incorporate a bit of color psychology when creating a brand logo. 

Does the logo work on light and dark backgrounds?

Also on the topic of color, you’ll want to make sure that your logo appears clearly and looks good on both light and dark backgrounds. This is especially important now that many apps have Light Mode and Dark Mode capabilities to suit personal preferences. Light yellow might pop on a black background, but on white, it’s not going to show up as well. If you’re struggling to find a single color that you like for both light and dark settings, you can always choose a separate color scheme for each scenario. Just be sure to make a note of each color and when they should be used in your branding guidelines!

creating a brand logo
How will the logo represent your brand?

It’s important to consider how you want to your logo to represent the business. Will you use only imagery in the logo, or will you incorporate the business’s name and/or tagline somehow? Alternatively, you may choose to design separate logos with and without the name attached. However, when using only imagery, remember that the imagery should make sense to your brand. Target is a great example, because their logo is a very obvious red target. Apple makes sense too, because, well, the logo is an apple. You’ll want to choose imagery that connects to your brand in some capacity.

Is the logo memorable?

A memorable logo is key to helping your business stick in a customer or client’s mind. Surprisingly, simple logos are actually more memorable than complicated ones, because they intrigue the consumer enough to want to learn more. Who could ever forget the Nike swoosh? Again, though, if you are going to go as vague as Nike did with the swoosh, you’ll probably want to start out by including the brand name in the logo. As your business grows more recognizable, you can ease the name out of the design. 

You can always change it later!

With all that said, remember that your logo is not the only important part of branding. Think of the logo as part of a person’s physical appearance. Their physical appearance makes up only part of who they are, right? Personality is another factor, and in branding’s case, the “personality” is your business’s values, mission, vision, goals, etc. You can go back and change your business’s logo as many times as you’d like, as long as it stays true to the brand personality. And anyway, tons of major companies like Microsoft, Instagram, and Pepsi have done major logo redesigns over the years, so you can too!

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