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5 things to include on your business website’s About Us page

Last month, we talked about what to include on your business website’s home page — the first thing clients and customers see. Now, let’s break down the About Us page, which might be the second most important part of the website.

This is where visitors get to know you and really learn the story behind the business. It’s a great opportunity to connect with clientele and give them another reason to choose your products or services. Here are some important aspects of an About Us page.

Company photo(s)

We’ve mentioned adding company photos to social media accounts already; the About Us page is a good spot for this, too. This is a good way to put a face to a name, which is especially important in these times where we can’t always see people in person. Seeing photos of you, your colleagues, and your business as a whole can also bring a sense of trust and security.

The origin story of your business

This is your chance to dive into how you got to where you are. What made you start the business? Talk about how you got into the industry and note any life path changes along the way. Maybe you studied law and worked for a law firm for 20 years before deciding to leave that life and open a flower shop. Many clients and customers love to read these stories, as they make the business a little more relatable, in a way.

Plus, the origin story can add a bit of credibility. Let’s say you worked at a big marketing company for 30 years and then decided to take your expertise to a freelance business. The About Us page is where you can flex the experience you have and why it makes you qualified for the business.

about us page
Photo by Mikael Blomkvist from Pexels

What your business does today

Your business origins can lead you into what you’re doing today. Give an overview of the business’s offerings, where you’re operating, the size of the business, etc. If you want, you can also highlight some key players in the business and explain what they do — including yourself!

A direct link to your contact page

This is just a quick tip, but make sure that the About Us page includes an easily accessible way to contact you. This can either be a link to the contact page, or a button that takes users to an email draft, or maybe a contact form. That way, people know exactly where to go to contact you if they like what they see. It’s more convenient!

Mission/vision statements and core values

Finally, you’ll want to include a mission statement, a vision statement, and core values. As Envato notes, a mission statement “outlines the practical things you will do to achieve your vision statement” and highlights your day-to-day tasks. Meanwhile, a vision statement looks ahead at what you want your business to accomplish in the future. Your core values are a few things your company stands for, like community building or sustainability.

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