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5 tips for creating a brand tagline

Your business’s logo and tagline go hand-in-hand. A tagline may not seem all that important to branding, but that little sentence or phrase really holds a lot of power. Like a logo, your tagline can make your business more memorable and set the business apart from others. Additionally, a good tagline will tell clients and customers why they should choose your service or product. Coming up with a tagline may seem complicated, but there doesn’t have to be much to it. Check out these tips for creating a brand tagline.

Consider your business’s tone

A tagline is a component of your business’s branding and will likely reflect your brand personality. Therefore, you’ll want to take your business’s overall tone into consideration when creating a tagline. If you present your brand in a more serious manner, then you’ll probably use a more straightforward, serious tagline. Take Apple and its “Think Different” tagline. It’s simple, straightforward, and not too quirky. On the other hand, if your brand is on the less serious side, you might consider a pun or something more playful for your tagline.

Research similar companies to see what you like and don’t like

The key to creating a brand tagline is getting a feel for what you like and what you don’t. Try researching similar companies and competitors to see what they’ve done with their branding — just don’t steal their ideas! You can see what the taglines accomplish, such as explaining why a customer should choose the company, and see if if you like that approach. You can also get a feel for the tone of other companies. This can be a great opportunity to see how your business can stand out!

Make sure the tagline works with your logo

While you don’t always have to include your tagline in your logo, it’s good to have at least one logo design that incorporates the phrase. This is especially true for newer businesses; the logo is often the first thing new customers will see, so the added tagline will give a little more context to the image. The tagline can further explain what your company does, which could make a new customer or client more intrigued to pick you at a glance.

As FreeLogoServices noted, just remember that you don’t always have to include a tagline in the logo — only when the logo isn’t clear or when the tagline will definitely add extra value.

creating a brand tagline
Photo by Ylanite Koppens from Pexels

Keep an open mind

As a small business owner, you might find yourself seeking creative advice from friends and family when creating a brand tagline. This is fine, but try not to get caught up in their opinions. If you find yourself really disagreeing with an idea, you can try to tweak the idea to suit your business needs. However, if it’s not working for you, it may be better to move on. You want to pick a tagline that you feel confident in and that will accomplish your goal.

Consider hiring a branding specialist

If you’re struggling to create a brand tagline, you may want to consider hiring a specialist! You’ll have a set of fresh eyes, and part of a brand specialist’s job is creativity. They can work with your current brand strategy to build a tagline or help you create a new strategy.

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