Photography Tips

5 Tips for photographing dogs

Photographing dogs is a lot like photographing toddlers: unpredictable. Even the most well-behaved pups can get distracted and run wild, especially in a public setting. All you can do as the photographer is try your best and remember that candid photos are cute too! To make the gig go a bit smoother, check out these tips.

Ask the family to bring a favorite toy or treat

One thing that’s true for almost any dog? You can get their attention with a toy or a treat. Ask the family if they can bring something the pup loves to the photoshoot. You can hold the treat or toy by the camera to keep the dog’s focus in the right place. Then, you can even throw the toy or treat and try to get a shot of the dog catching it. And if you’re focusing on photos of the humans, you can use a toy to keep the dog busy for a few minutes.

Address any pet-related fears you may have

Your comfort is just as important as the client. If there are any pet-related fears you have — say, you had a bad encounter with an angry chihuahua and now you try to avoid them — don’t be afraid to bring that up. You don’t have to say yes to the shoot if it will make you uncomfortable. If you aren’t a fan of dogs jumping on you, make sure to express that to the family and decide if it’s right to move forward together.

Ask the family what commands the dog knows

Let the dog show off their tricks! It’s always good to use basic commands like sit or lie down in pet photoshoots so you can at least get some focused, posed shots. Using these commands, especially if it’s the family using them, can also keep the pup under control. Plus, you can also try out some fun commands like paw or jump, which can make for really cool photos!

Pay attention to the temperature for outdoor shoots

Remember: If you’re hot, the dog is probably hot, too. If you’re outside on a hot summer day, keep an eye on the temperature and plan accordingly. Dogs’ coats make them get a lot warmer a lot quicker than humans. It may be good to shoot in the shade and have a water bowl handy for the four-legged friends.

Take solo portraits of the pets in addition to family shots

If you’re scheduled for family portraits, you should set aside some time (if the family wants it) to take solo photos of the pets! The furry friends are part of the family too, and the humans will likely appreciate having some professional shots of their dog.

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