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5 types of blog posts to include in content planning

So, you’ve launched a blog for your business — great! But what the heck do you write about? Whether you’re managing the blog on your own or with a freelancer, you might want to start by sitting down for a brainstorming session. Think about some things you’d love to highlight within your company, or some industry trends you want to address. It can be helpful to make a content planning calendar and look ahead to the next month, or even the next few months. Map out some ideas for future blog posts, and you’ll have a long list before you know it!

Not sure what types of content you’ll include? Consider these ideas to add variety to your blog.

Visual posts

Here’s a secret: your blog posts don’t all have to be word-heavy. Sometimes, it’s good to include a more visual post here and there. The photo album spotlights over at October Dreams Photography are an example: these posts consist of mostly images, with a few brief lines of commentary to break things up.

Visual posts are perfect for showcasing any important images or graphics from your company. Perhaps you want to share some photos of your latest product, or you have graphs and charts with important data. Visual posts are a breeze to put together!

Event coverage

Your blog is a great place to get the word out about any recent events that may highlight company culture. For example, if your employees recently participated in a 5K walk for charity, you can talk about some key aspects of the event such as how much money you raised or which charity you worked with. Even if you just want to advertise an upcoming event, your blog is a perfect place to do so.

Employee interviews

Let your customer/client base get to know some of your business’ employees with interview posts! Every so often, you can choose someone at the company to spotlight, whether it be a CEO or a secretary. You can cover some personal questions like hobbies and ask questions about the business, like their favorite part of working there. These types of blog posts are perfect for adding character to your business.

types of blog posts

Subject matter expert analyses

Now we get into some of the more serious posts that establish you as a thought leader in the industry. You can choose a trend in the industry, or a topic that’s more specific to your company, and provide an expert analysis. This type of post might even call for someone outside of the company, perhaps with a brand collaboration. This way, the blog has a fresh perspective from a different author and it gives your blog authority on a topic. An example would be a social media expert writing a post about 2022 social media trends for a marketing firm.

General industry topics

This can go hand-in-hand with subject matter expert posts, but you can cover plenty of topics within your industry. Sometimes, it might be an explanation of a current trend, while other times it could be a post offering tips to readers. For example, on the October Dreams Marketing blog, we offer everything from tips on website building to definitions of audience personas and how they apply to branding.

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