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7 types of marketing, explained

Marketing is so much more than putting out a few social media posts and managing ads. Did you know there are dozens of different types of marketing? (Hubspot lists a whopping 41.) Each type covers a different method for getting the word out about your brand and its products/services and building a devoted customer/client base. Let’s go over some of the most important types of marketing.

Product marketing

Product marketing focuses on building a marketing strategy for a specific product based on customer needs. (Use audience personas to determine those needs!) Then, you’ll implement that strategy on your desired marketing assets, like social media. As Drift notes, a product marketer is meant to be “the voice of the customer.”

Social media marketing

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Social media marketing involves creating campaigns on sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You’ll use graphics and Search Engine Optimization tactics to make sure your social media posts appear on search engine pages. That way, people find them when searching for a product or service.

Content marketing

Someone has to create all this great content, right? That falls under content marketing — using written posts, videos, etc. to give valuable information to customers/clients. These amazing blog posts? All part of content marketing. This usually involves creating a content strategy to plan what you’ll publish and when.

Demand/lead generation

types of marketing

Demand generation and lead generation are technically two different things. As Terakeet explains, demand generation creates “awareness and demand” for products and services. It drives people to your business.

Then, lead generation is essentially “closing the deal” with these interested customers/clients — they’re aware of your brand, and now you want them to make the purchase. Demand/lead generation usually come as a result of product marketing, as long as you continue to push content that entices people to maintain interest.

Public relations

The public relations aspect of marketing involves writing press releases for social media and news outlets to publish. These releases are often about a new product, personnel changes, or upcoming events. Additionally, you’ll keep an eye on news outlets that may be covering topics in your industry and make connections for the outlet to share future press releases about your brand.

Email marketing

Another self-explanatory type of marketing: emails! You’ll focus on creating email campaigns — perhaps a newsletter or email ads — to gather leads from interested customers. You may want to create a mailing list as part of demand generation.

Influencer marketing

Finally, influencer marketing involves working with influencers on social media and YouTube. They’ll show off your products to their followers and hopefully create some new interest in your brand. It’s important to build and maintain relationships with your brand’s influencers, so that’s a big part of influencer marketing.

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