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Hi, I’m Ash. Previously a corporate marketing professional, I became a full-time freelance marketing consultant and photographer in 2020. I spend most of my time doting on my clients and hiking with my dog Toro.

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My Favorite Books from the Past Year - Header - Another Girl Named Ashley

My favorite books from the past year

Hey everybody! Man, what crazy times we are experiencing right now, huh? I hope you’re all staying safe, staying in when you can, and washing those hands! I’m here today to share with you some of my favorite books I’ve read over the past year! My goal with this list is to give you some…

Daily Agenda - Free Download 2020 - Another Girl Named Ashley

Daily Agenda – Download

It’s tough to get organized, and not every day needs to be planned. Buying a gorgeous planner, while a great investment, can become costly year after year! My solution? A FREE Daily Agenda download, complete with a schedule, to-do lists, habit tracker, and notes section. Let me help you get organized! Download the Daily Agenda…

Weekend Cleaning Routine - Header - Another Girl Named Ashley

Weekend Cleaning Routine

Everybody must clean during the week/weekend, whether it’s a room, apartment, or house. Some people love to clean and organize (hello, me!) and some absolutely dread it. Today I am here to provide you with my cohesive weekend cleaning list to help you get a jump start on your spring cleaning! For me, living in…

5 Tips for making time for what's important to you - Another Girl Named Ashley - Header

5 tips for making time for what’s important to you

Let’s face it, everybody’s priorities in life are different. Some want to start a business, others want an education, and still others want to grow in their career. Some want to start a family, and others want to build an empire. Marriage, kids, careers, education, travel, etc. all look different to each individual person out…


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