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Branding 101: How to design an effective event booth

Trade shows, career fairs, conferences, and other types of events are the best places to utilize branding. There will be dozens of businesses setting up event booths, so it’s important to stand out wherever possible. You should take the time to plan out your event booth and what you’ll have to offer. Here are some design tips.

Consider your location

Before you commit to an event booth design, consider where you’ll be setting up during the event. You might be assigned to a corner booth or somewhere smack in the middle of the room. If you do end up in the corner or the back of the room, you’ll want your design to really attract people since it might not stand out as much as it would in the center.

Make sure the event coordinators have your branding guidelines

If you have an event coordinator who is responsible for getting your event materials, make sure the coordinator has your branding guidelines. These should specify the exact colors, fonts, and styles your business uses. It’s important for your event booth to accurately reflect your branding!

Leverage technology

It’s 2022, and we have technology! If possible, your event booth should utilize TV screens or some kind of digital display. You can use video or make a slideshow of images. Whatever you do, though, make sure it’s mostly visual — avoid presentations that primarily use text. Showcase what your business does! For example, an interior designer might display a video of a home walkthrough.

Your logo should be visible from the highest point of the booth

The most eye-catching feature of your event booth should be your logo or brand name. When designing the booth, make sure that your logo is visible from the highest point so that everyone can see it. You should be able to see the logo from different areas of the venue, so a decent size is important too!

Keep up with booth trends

Believe it or not, even event booths have ever-changing trends. While you don’t want to copy an event booth, it is a good idea to incorporate current trends into the design. As Exponents notes, some booth trends in 2022 include interactive walls, nature themes, and mood lighting.

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