5 tips for making time for what’s important to you

5 Tips for making time for what's important to you - Another Girl Named Ashley - Header

Let’s face it, everybody’s priorities in life are different. Some want to start a business, others want an education, and still others want to grow in their career. Some want to start a family, and others want to build an empire. Marriage, kids, careers, education, travel, etc. all look different to each individual person out…

How to spark creativity

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I'll admit, I never thought I was a creative person when I was growing up. I grew up with a mom who could sing and sisters who could draw and do makeup. Everybody was stylish. Even my dad could draw. Personally, I always associated creativity with artistic talent. It wasn't until I started taking photos…

My Weekday Morning Routine

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I used to think a morning routine was pointless. Don’t get me wrong, I love planning and organizing and productivity, but I never understood why having a specific morning routine would help improve that. Little did I know, I was seriously missing out on the benefits of a planned morning! I would wake up when…

My Home Office

I know, I know, I've been MIA for far too long. But, I promise it's been for good reason! I've finally started dedicating real time to my novel, and I'm doing pretty well so far! I haven't given up yet! I have an outline, a history, and the introduction and first chapter done. As of…

My top organization tips

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Below you will find some of my favorite organization tips! This is for all around life organization, from planning to execution. My post is a broad overview. If you want more details on any of these points or any other tips specific to a certain group of people, please let me know! I would love…

Balancing work, a puppy, and fitness

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Did you know that 66% of full-time employees say they don’t believe they have a work-life balance? That is TWO THIRDS of full-time working adults! To me, that number is astronomical. But, when I think about it, it isn’t surprising to me at all. Which is really sad when you think about it. I am…

How I use my Day Designer planner to increase productivity and organization

Another Girl Named Ashley - How I Use My Day Designer 2019 - Header

Ever wonder what's it's like inside my planner? Well, now's you chance to check it out and see why the Day Designer is the BEST planner out there and how it can help you get everything together!

7 Tips for adjusting to living with your partner

Another Girl Named Ashley - Living with a Partner 2019 - Header

I’m super excited to write this post because a friend suggested it to me! I didn’t think this would be something people would be interested in, but it makes perfect sense. Moving in with a partner always seems like a dream come true. Your life is going well, your relationship is stronger than ever, and…

3 ways to remain feminine in a male-dominated workplace

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Ladies! We all know that the world is becoming a better place for the working woman. But, even with the shift in the workforce, there are still industries that are incredibly male-dominated. If you are working in one of those industries, then these tips are for you. You don’t have to change to be respected.…

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