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Family Portrait Spotlight: The Homans

It’s almost fall, which means Christmas will be here in the blink of an eye. It’s crazy how that works. Now is the time to start thinking about family Christmas cards! The earlier you schedule your session, the better.

In the spirit of family sessions, check out these portraits Ashley did recently for the Homan family. Allen and Margaret wanted to get some photos of the whole family before their daughter headed off to France to study for her Master’s Degree!

Look at that color coordination! It’s always a good idea to do slightly different shades of the same color rather than an exact match. Also, how about that plant?

With family photos, you can branch out and get some nice photos of smaller groups, like the kids with each parent.

The contrast of the greenery with Margaret and Allen looks awesome here. We would’ve loved to get some more outdoor photos, but unfortunately, it started to rain. So, we improvised with an outdoor shoot!

But first, we got some photos with the Homan’s major fluffball of a pup, Broly. SO cute.

Look at this gorgeous family! We love some happy candids.

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