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Family Portraits: Alexa & Marifer

Sometimes, the best gift is to capture beautiful moments with your loved ones in photographs. That’s why we’re talking about family portraits this week! To kick things off, let’s take a look at this beautiful session with Ashley’s nieces, Alexa and Marifer. The girls received these adorable tie-dye sweats for Christmas and wanted to show them off in a photoshoot! This session took place in Ashley’s studio with a white backdrop. A simple setting can go a very long way.

On the left we have Alexa, 7, and on the right we have Marifer, 12. Don’t their smiles just light up the room?! Close-up shots like these make excellent framed decorations and they really capture your child’s natural beauty.

With the girls’ vibrant outfits, a simple setting was key. Too much going on in the background can end up clashing with the subject or distract from the subject.

Alexa is a total pro at posing. So stinkin’ cute.

It’s not often that you come across siblings who will willingly snuggle and smooch each other for photos. Sibling photos are enough to make your heart absolutely melt. Plus, these types of photos look awesome hanging on a wall!

Alexa really wanted to pose with Ashley’s flower bouquet prop! Can we blame her, though?! Those flowers go with her outfit so well. Giving kids their own props for a photo session can be a great way to capture their personality, because you never know how they’ll want to pose.

As always, it’s just as important to capture the silly moments!

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By Elise Nelson