From classmates to colleagues: Ashley & Elise's story

It was only a matter of time before these two started working together again…

Ashley and Elise met back in 2014 just a few months before their studies at Albright College began. Determined to meet some of her future classmates before the start of freshman year, Elise had the *bright* idea to throw more than 50 Albright Class of 2018 students into a Facebook Messenger chat (with their permission, of course). As one can imagine, the chat was pretty chaotic, though it did break the ice for many students. Ashley and Elise were both active members of the chat, so they got to know each other and discovered that they would both be Communications majors (Elise in Journalism, Ashley in PR/Advertising). 

To say that Ashley and Elise became inseparable is an understatement. In addition to becoming close friends, they attended some of the same classes and lived together for a year and a half. For four years, the two worked together on Albright College’s campus newspaper, starting with a shared music column. By their junior year, Elise had taken the reins as The Albrightian’s Editor-in-Chief, with Ashley as her Business Manager. Together, they completely reorganized the newspaper’s operations and increased readership.

When Ashley decided to be an overachiever and graduate early, she began her career in marketing. Elise went on to become a freelance writer and editor after her own graduation. Today, Ashley works full-time as Marketing Manager at an engineering consulting firm, while Elise does freelance writing work in entertainment, gaming, lifestyle, and marketing. (She’s ready to take care of all your freelance blogging needs!)

Life took Ashley and Elise in different directions for a short time, but they just couldn’t stay apart for long. The two now live minutes from each other and are proud to go back into business together at October Dreams Marketing/Photography.