Hawaii – Blog Post 2

Now that I am back to a “semi” daily blog grind, I would like to continue talking about my trip to Hawaii!
This post will round out my trip to Kauai, and then I will blog about Maui next! As I mentioned in my previous post, Kauai was a GORGEOUS island filled with greenery and animals. I have never seen so much wildlife up close before (in their natural habitats, I have been to the zoo).
Probably my favorite experience from Kauai was going on a Blue Hawaiian helicopter ride! There are many areas of Kauai that are not allowed to be touched by humans to preserve the natural beauty of the island. The only way to see these parts is via the air, such as a helicopter ride. I had never been in a helicopter ride and I absolutely HATE flying in airplanes, but in order to experience all of Kauai, I tried it anyway. And I do not regret a single moment! Just check out some of the awesome pictures I was able to get (apologize for any glare in the photos, I was taking them through a helicopter window):

Also, as soon as we landed in Kauai, our shuttle driver told us that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was on Kauai filming his new movie “Jungle Cruise.” Naturally, we were so excited and wanted to find out where he was! Well, on our helicopter ride, our pilot took us over where he was filming on the island! We weren’t allowed to get too close as to not interrupt filming, but we still got to see a real movie set where The Rock was! So cool!
I did learn something about myself while on Kauai – I am allergic to açai. Yes, one of the super foods of the world. We got these AMAZING smoothie bowls and I was covered in hives for the rest of the trip. Only food in those bowls I hadn’t eaten before: açai. So much for my healthy lifestyle, better give up now! (JK).
This photo has nothing to do with açai, but my shirt has the colors of a smoothie bowl in it, so I’m including it anyway.
No lie, the food on Kauai was simply amazing. Everything was fresh and light. I never had anything that made me feel bloated or weighed down – which was such a treat because I have a sensitive stomach to begin with. One of my favorite food options was anything covered in macadamia nuts. I LOVE macadamia nuts and in Hawaii, they are on EVERYTHING! (Though, probably not such a good thing if you have a nut allergy…)
I’ll keep it short for now – next Hawaii post will be about Maui!