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Hobbies: Dance

Yesterday, I decided to start to promote my blog on social media and I am beyond humbled by the amount of positive feedback I have received. Thank you for your support and I hope I can continue to advise you and uplift you through my posts both now and in the future!

Today, I will be writing about one of my passions: dance. You all do not know this yet, but I began dancing in sixth grade and have loved it ever since! This post is not going to be about type of dance classes and the health benefits of dance (though, there are tons). This post is about letting loose and not being afraid of who might judge you.

To clarify, I am a hip-hop dancer. I am not good at ballet, I cannot tap for the life of me, and do not even get me started on contemporary. I love to watch dance, no matter what the style, but I stick to hip-hop since it is what I am good at.

Do not ever be afraid to dance. It does not matter where you are or who you are with. If you are feeling the music, MOVE! You can find me dancing at the gym, the grocery store, while bowling, and various other places. I am never afraid to shake my groove thang and you should not be either!

Recently, the Hunky Engineer has been teaching me all sorts of Spanish styles: bachata, merengue, salsa, and others that I am forgetting right now. I LOVE learning new styles (plus, dancing close to my man is not so bad either). Granted, I looked totally ridiculous when I first learned, and I learned at a quinceañera in front of his whole family and band. But, I did not let my fear of embarrassment get the best of me! Now, I love going to dance with my Hunky Engineer and I embrace all my missteps (because, let’s be honest, it is impressive that a white girl has any rhythm at all, ha-ha).

Of course, there are places you can go to dance where nobody will judge you, and I always highly recommend going. Go to a bar that plays loud music. Trust me, after midnight, every person will be dancing in their own way. Some people have great dance moves when they drink. Others let their drinks get the best of them. But, I can guarantee you that the people dancing are having way more fun than the people leaning against the wall. You can enjoy watching a girl/guy dance all you want, but nothing beats getting out there and dancing with them.

Did I mention that once you feel free enough to dance anywhere, your confidence will skyrocket?

You will have so much more confidence in yourself once you are able to let yourself go. Of course, there are some places where it is inappropriate to dance. But, if you want to wiggle while you grocery shop or spin while you wait for your food, just do it! Building up confidence is key, and not caring what other people think is part of that journey. I stopped caring what people think about me a long time ago, and it is by far the best thing I have ever done. I will dance literally anywhere. And you know what? The Hunky Engineer LOVES to see me dance around. Just yesterday, I was dancing in the basement of the gym while he did his HIIT and we had a blast together.

So just have fun, and do not be afraid to dance whenever the music moves you. No move is too small…but keep the leaps to a minimum.