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Tattoos and Professionalism: Some Thoughts

Me again! Tonight’s topic is inspired by my most recent adventure, a new tattoo! My best friend, Kara, and I decided to get matching tattoos that represented our love of Disney and the movie Tangled.

Tattoo Number 2
Tattoo #2 – Tangled

While you may not be the biggest fan of my tattoo idea, I am here to offer some advice on getting tattoos and working in the professional world.

As a young adult, the desire to get out there and explore is at an all-time high. My Tangled tattoo is my second, and with placement being limited, I need to select my tattoos carefully.

Always Dream
My first tattoo: half Harry Potter and half Disney

So here is the lowdown, as much as young adults want to be adventurous, we still have to accept that we need to prod the line gently before tattoos are fully acceptable in the workplace. And guess what, there is nothing wrong with that. We are dealing with a generation gap that still needs some time to close. We need to have a happy medium.

My advice is simple: get tatted, but be smart about it. If you want to work in corporate America, do not get tattoos that will make you less desirable to hire. I KNOW it is annoying to have to act in such a way, but give it 20 years and corporate America will change.

I love both of my tattoos and their placement. They are small and perfectly composed…and are in a position to be completely covered for work. See, I am a Marketing Coordinator who works with a LOT of older, white men who are still none-too-thrilled about young women getting tattoos. But, instead of putting my future in jeopardy, I was smart. Now, I wear my hidden rebellion underneath my work clothes, and there is something empowering about that.

I am not asking for you to stop pushing and striving for change and justice for tattoos and piercings in the workplace, I am asking for you to go about it tastefully. If you know someone HATES tattoos and you’re trying to get a job…just cover them up. It is not the end of the world. And who knows, maybe once they meet you, they will not judge your tattoos so harshly.