Life is short, cut your hair

Do you ever want to do something fun with your hair but you are too afraid it won’t come out right or you will hate it? I have been in that position a million times over my twenty-one years of life and I learned something from it: just cut your hair.

When I was in 6th grade, I chopped all my hair off. I had a horrible haircut, but when you are that young, it just does not matter quite yet. I had fun joking around with people when they did not recognize me. My friends and I even pretended I was a new male student who just started classes. It was hilarious, and something I found super embarrassing when I hit high school.

This is not the worst picture, but just to give you an idea.

I spent every year after 6th grade trying to grow my hair as long as possible. Every time I got my hair cut, I asked my hairdresser to only take off a centimeter (like that was going to remove all my split ends…please). By the time I got to college, my hair reached the middle of my back and was fairly healthy. I was proud of my progress, until my senior year hit.

Life is sort, cut your hair - anothergirlnamedashley
The longest my hair ever was

Senior year of college I needed a change. I was so sick of having to put my hair up for EVERYTHING: eating, drinking, dancing, running, driving, etc. etc. Every time someone hugged me, my head got yanked back because their arms got stuck in my hair. My boyfriend could never put his arm around me without ripping out strands. It was obnoxious, and I had had enough.

So I cut it.

Those four words probably scared all of you who have gorgeous long hair but desire a shorter, easier to maintain cut. And don’t worry, those words terrified me too! I walked into my hair salon confident and ready for change…and almost backed out. But, once I cut my hair, donated 10 inches, and had it styled, I fell in love. I fell in love with my hair, which has helped me fall back in love with myself.

Hair is a huge part of anyone’s life, but especially young women. Hair is a symbol of style, no matter what texture, color, or length you have. Women work hard to help their hair reach its fullest potential. I used to think that potential was length, but now I realize the potential is in helping boost my confidence.

I loved my beautiful long hair, but I love my short cut even more. I feel like a woman. I feel like a professional. I feel like me.

So to my ladies who are second-guessing taking the plunge and chopping off your hair, just do it. And if you hate it, it is JUST HAIR. As long as you take care of it, it will ALWAYS grow back.

Do not be afraid of change. Life is short, cut your hair.