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Marketing 101: When to use a social media scheduler

Social media schedulers are a marketing professional’s best friend. That’s how that saying goes, right? But it’s true! Consistent, timed posts on social media are key to growing your accounts. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to remember to post consistently or make time to do so. That’s why social media schedulers are such a great tool. But when is it time to invest in a good scheduler? Here are some tips.

Use a social media scheduler when you find yourself forgetting to post at the right times

The world of social media is very fast-paced. There are thousands of new posts going out every hour. These posts don’t always have a long shelf-life; they often lose relevancy very quickly, which means less engagement on the posts after a day or so. In order to stay visible and stay relevant, it’s important for your business to post regularly. No, you don’t have to spam or flood your page with a new post every hour, but at least a few posts a week on various social media channels.

That’s where a social media scheduler is key. You can sit down and plan posts to share at later dates and schedule them to go out at certain times, making sure you’re consistent. There’s no need to worry about going to post that new campaign ad on Instagram right now.

Become so successful on social media that you need a scheduler

One of your goals in marketing should be to find success with at least one social media site (preferably one that best fits your demographic). Most social media platforms have a For Business feature that specifically tracks your business page’s engagement. When you see that engagement rising — more likes, more comments, more shares, etc. — it’s time to look into a social media scheduler. This way, you can stay on top of posting and tracking engagement before it gets overwhelming.

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Look for a scheduler when you want in-depth social media analytics

Social media schedulers are also good if you really want to focus on rapidly growing your social media presence. Your business pages’ analytics tools can only show you so much. If you want an in-depth look at post analytics, check out some scheduler options. For example, depending on what scheduler you use, you can track results in different time frames and see which posting times are seeing the most engagement. Schedulers also make it very easy to report these analytics to your colleagues and partners.

Find a social media scheduler that covers your platform with the highest engagement

You don’t necessarily need to focus on scheduling for every platform — at least not right away. Set up the social media accounts that align the most with your demographic. Then, keep an eye on the account that sees the highest engagement. For example, a small clothing business will probably see the most engagement on Instagram or TikTok. Social media schedulers don’t always cover every platform, so search for one that allows you to schedule on your most successful platform and offers in-depth analytics for that particular site.

Facebook is always a good start for scheduling

One great feature that Facebook’s company (now known as Meta) offers for businesses is a built-in post scheduler. The easy-to-use Meta Business Suite is always a great starting point for scheduling Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram posts (as long as those accounts are linked). The suite offers a marketing planner, Stories and Posts scheduler, and an in-depth insights tool. You can also use the suite to manage ads and set up automated responses in your inboxes.

Next month, we’ll take a look at some of the best social media schedulers and discuss the one we love the most!

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