My biggest moments of 2018

Everybody tends to write a reflection at the start of each year, so here I am doing the same! I’m not usually a “follow the crowd” type of girl, but I think this is a great way to look back on successes and failures of the past year and build for the next year. I have had 10 major setbacks and successes in 2018 – here they are:

1. I traveled to 6 new destinations

Yes, you read that right. SIX! Here’s where I went:

  • London, United Kingdom – March 2018
    • I went to London for a work trip, my very first trade show with VideoRay! It was a huge success. I designed our booth and it was so cool to see it all come to life in front of me. I also got to try new food, new drinks, and make some great friends.
  • Houston, Texas – April 2018
    • Another great work trip! We had a tank where we displayed all of our ROVs and I finally got some hands-on experience with our technology.
  • Kauai & Maui, Hawaii – May 2018
    • This vacation was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had! I have never seen such beautiful landscapes in my life. I rode in my first helicopter, tanned on a black sand beach, and saw so many wild chickens I didn’t know what to do with myself. I have memories that will last a lifetime.
  • Fort Mill, South Carolina – September & December 2018
    • My parents moved to Fort Mill, SC at the end of August. When I went in September, it was the first time I had seen their gorgeous new house. It was a short weekend trip, but I was thrilled I was able to help my parents settle in a bit.
    • My second trip down was a drive (ugh) and I got to spend Christmas with my entire family! My sisters were there, my grandparents were there, and even my Uncle, Aunt, and cousins who I don’t see much were there. It was an amazing trip filled with so much laughter. I miss them all so much already!
  • Puerto Montt & Puerto Varas, Chile – October 2018
    • I spent my 23rd birthday flying down to Chile for yet another work trip. It was cold and rainy, but the food in Chile is amazing! I got to practice my Spanish (I still need some help in that department) and made some new friends. Plus, I got to put faces to names of people I have communicated with via email.
  • Las Vegas, Nevada – November 2018
    • My final work trip of the year was to Las Vegas for a dive show called DEMA. I had never been to Vegas before and the resorts there are INSANE! I gambled and doubles my money (go me), tried Asian-Mexican fusion cuisine (AMAZING), ate at the Caesar’s Palace Buffet (got my money’s worth in dessert), and walked through every single resort on the strip.

2. I bought a house

This is not new information for you, reader, so I’ll be quick. One of my biggest accomplishments to date is purchasing a house with my boyfriend at only 22 years old. I am still incredibly proud of this and love showing my house off to anybody who will pay attention!

3. I deadlifted 200lbs

Gym accomplishment! I can now deadlift 215lbs for reps, but hitting 200lbs was a huge milestone for me because I have an incredibly weak lower back. I can even feel muscle starting to develop too! Next 200lb goal: SQUATS!

4. My family and I moved away from each other

I wouldn’t call this a success or a failure, but it was a huge moment of my 2018. My parents moved down south and I bought a house in Pennsylvania. Out of all my 2018 moments, the move is one of the biggest changes I have had to adapt to. Those of you who have moved away from family or have had family move away from you understand that it is a huge adjustment. For me, it has been difficult. I miss my family very much even though I am happy with my life here. I am blessed to have in-laws (not officially, but you know what I mean) who are there to love and support me while I am missing my family.

5. I tried and failed to write a book

Ah, a huge downfall for my 2018. I have wanted to write a book almost my entire life…but I have a hard time following through and finishing. 2018 brought me my first official writing failure. But, I am trying to turn it around for 2019 and finally get a book written, even if it is short. I’m determined to follow through and publish something!

6. I stopped reading as many books

Another downfall for me. Those of you who have known me most of my life know how much I love to curl up with a good book and do nothing else. While 2018 brought me better health and a great job, it took away from my time dedicated to reading. I am determined to read 2+ books a month in 2019 to get my groove back. I used to read whole books in a day, but my life is different now and I know I will not be able to finish as quickly anymore due to life’s obligations. But, I think 2+ a month is a great start. And, my grandma gave me 5 great books to start with!

7. I improved my overall health and fitness

Pretty obvious, but alas, it deserves mentioning. I became so much stronger and healthier in 2018. I finally have visible muscle and a set food routine (though I break it a lot when there are desserts around…oh well.) I can’t wait to see what improvements I make in 2019!

8. I made new friends

I finally started hanging out with people from work and am working on making friends that go to the same gym I go to. I need a workout partner that isn’t my boyfriend and I need girls I can hangout with where I live now. My college friends aren’t all located close by anymore (though 2 of them are, and I’m so lucky I get to see them as much as I do!)

9. I lost an old friend

A really sensitive topic…

I always thought as you got older, your childhood friends would understand that life gets busy and it is hard to see each other. I moved, we both found jobs, she moved… and suddenly we didn’t talk as much. But now…now I know she’s moved on to a new friend group and so have I. And while I still want to reach out, I feel like I don’t have a place in one of my best friend’s life anymore. It hurts, but it is also a part of growing up.

But, I am always here for her should she ever miss me. It is just weird losing a friend that I used to spend so much time with until about a year ago,

10. I started taking better care of my skin

And it has never looked better! I finally wash twice a day and moisturize. I’m still working on a routine with face masks, but I’m finally seeing improvement. Next goal: stop picking.

There is a lot more I could write about from my 2018, but I think this just about covers the most major events that happened to me, whether they are good or bad. Here’s to an even better 2019!