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My favorite types of tea and ways I enjoy them

Today is a rainy day here in Pennsylvania and there’s nothing I enjoy more than hot tea on a rainy day…or cold day…or really any day! I am a HUGE tea drinker and love it in so many forms. Today’s post is going to touch on my favorite types of tea and the ways I drink them (why yes, there are different ways to prepare tea!). I hope this post gives you some inspiration for your own tea.

1 – Earl Grey

Earl Grey tea has been a favorite of mine for years. I think it was the first tea I ever drank. Those of you who like Earl Grey or know what it tastes like, I drank with black the first time and LOVED it. I still like to curl up with a warm cup of Earl Grey tea, but my favorite preparation is a little bit different. I make a latte with it! I take a shaker (for when you mix protein) and fill it about ¾ of the way with water and the tea bag. I put it in the microwave for about a minute, so the tea diffuses better (I have tried diffusing the tea in cold water and it does not work as well). I then mix the tea bag around, so it fully diffuses in the water and then remove the tea bag. The rest I adjust depending on what I am feeling. I’ll add skim milk and about a spoonful of sugar. I finish it off with ICE if it is hot or I add a bit more hot water if I want it to warm me up. This is by far my favorite tea drink right now.

2 – Lemon, Ginger, and Honey

I typically drink this tea at work as it keeps me warm in the ice box that is my office. I also drink this tea when my stomach is upset or when I am getting sick. It is a comfort tea for me. I drink it plain, no sugar or cream.

3 – English Breakfast

I drink this tea at work when I’m freezing cold and want to feel cozy and warm. I add one sugar and lots of cream. I will also do this with any black tea at work. I don’t like to drink it black, though I used to when I first started out. Now, the creamier the better! I’ll drink that at home too in the winter when I’m not in the mood for hot chocolate.

4 – Apple and Elderflower

This is the perfect tea for the spring and summer. A co-worker of mine bought the loose tea for me as a housewarming present when the Hunky Engineer and I bought our house! She also bought me the cutest diffusing mug to drink the tea in at work. There is a bag version as well, but the loose tea is just a million times better! She also has a cucumber mint tea and it is divine for summer – so refreshing!

And that’s it! I have tried lots of different tea over the past year at my job and I love almost every single kind I try. These are my favorites right now! I’m sure next year they will change, and I’ll have a whole new post for you. Happy sipping!