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My top 8 self-care tips

In today’s world, people often get so caught up in their efforts to be successful and happy that they forget to take care of themselves. I often find myself in the exact same situation. So, to combat this, here are my top 10 self-care tips.
1.Get a full night’s sleep
This might sound simple, but I find that lots of young people do not get enough sleep, especially during the week. And then they try to compensate on the weekends and end up ruining their productivity. I find that if I try to sleep the same amount every night, I am way more productive and I feel much happier when I wake up in the morning.
2. Wash your face twice a day
Some of you might be thinking this is ridiculous, but I find that starting the morning with a fresh face and going to be with a fresh face not only makes my skin clearer, but makes me feel better too. I always wash in the morning with cold water to wake me up and hot water at night to clear out my pores from the day.
3. Exfoliate
EVERYTHING. Exfoliating is not just for your face. I have salt scrubs for my legs and arms to help clear off dead skin and moisturize. I use St. Ives Apricot Scrub for my face twice a week (I have dry skin, so too often strips my skin of what little moisture I have). I try to exfoliate my legs at least twice a week, and especially after I shave to clear off any excess skin.
4. Drink water
I don’t drink coffee and I think that helps me with this, but make sure you hydrate. It is good for you, you’ll have fewer headaches, and it helps clear up your skin as well! I try to drink almost a gallon of water throughout the day to stay hydrated and take care of myself.
5. Practice your hobby
Find something you love to do and make time to do it every day! If you can’t do it every day, aim for every other. My personal hobby is writing, which comes in many forms. On some days I have time to sit and write out multiple blog posts and pan ones for the future. On other days, I barely find time to scribble some notes in my journal. But, I always feel a small sense of accomplishment when I am able to take a small amount of time for myself to practice something I love.
6. Talk to your family & friends
I’m not saying you need to have a 3 hour phone call or text all day, but it is always good to have a bit of social interaction each day with the people close to you. When you’re overwhelmed, your family and friends are there to help you through it. Even if it is a short conversation just checking in, you’ll find that you feel better  afterward.
7. Take a shower or bath
I find that keeping myself clean is incredibly soothing. Most people will say to buy a bath bomb and take a bath to relax. Personally, I hate baths and never can relax in them. Instead, I take a nice, hot shower, breathe in the stream to clear out my sinuses and pores, and let everything go. I also come up with many blog ideas in the shower, so it helps stimulate my thought process for my hobby (double win!)
8. Learn something new every day
Even if that something new is a fact you find on Twitter, try to learn something new every day. Knowledge is power, and the more you learn, the more confidence you gain. As you become smarter, even if it is with facts you might think are useless, you naturally become more sure of yourself. I try to learn a new word every day because I studied English and I personally admire people with expansive vocabularies.
Feel free to use one or all of these tips  in your day to take better care of yourself. You only have one body, one mind, and one soul, and you need to protect it!
Do you have any care tips that you use? Let me know, I’d love to add to my list!