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My Weekly Workout Split

Good Morning! I’m hoping to start off your week with a bit of motivation to head out to the gym and focus on your health and wellbeing. Part of what makes me so successful with what I do (and how I avoid feeling tired 24/7 with my busy life) is taking the time to fuel and move my body.

Personally, my favorite types of exercise are lifting and Zumba, which you will see reflected below in my post. However, I encourage you to get moving in whatever way you prefer and whichever way you can. Movement is movement, and it’s important for you!

I will be posting what most of my workouts are over future posts, but I thought a high-level workout split would be a great way to start. Check it out!

Sunday – Legs (Hamstrings focus)

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – Zumba

Wednesday – Full Body (Legs w/ Quad focus, back, chest, shoulders, core)

Thursday – Rest

Friday – Pull

Saturday – Push

I currently work out 5 days a week, 4 days are heavy lifting and one day is cardio. I am a Zumba instructor so the class I take is a class I teach! Two birds, one stone there.

What does your weekly split look like? How many days a week do you work out?