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Photo Spotlight: Elise Christmas 2022

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! (After Halloween, of course…) Christmas is just a few weeks away, and we love getting into the festive spirit. The best way to do that? A Christmas photoshoot! You might remember Elise’s Christmas session from last year. Ashley and Elise decided to recreate it this year with Elise’s Christmas jammies and some fun props, including Ashley’s Nightmare Before Christmas-themed tree! Check out some highlights from the session below.

You might have seen this mug before… Guess what’s in it!?

If you aren’t buying Christmas pajamas at Old Navy, what are you doing?

Ashley’s dog, Toro, really wanted to be involved…and he thinks he’s a lap dog. But he loves his Aunt Elise so much! (Don’t let that second pic fool ya.)

At one point, he ended up being the star of the shoot…

Elise tried to wrap Toro. He didn’t appreciate it.

Fun with ornaments! Elise brought these to decorate her office Christmas tree, but they came in handy here!

Do you get a real tree for Christmas or an artificial tree?

Ashley wanted to get some artsy/moody shots in. What do you think? Are these worthy of being on a Christmas card?

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