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Photo Spotlight: Roberto’s 65th Birthday

You gotta go all out for a milestone birthday! Ashley’s soon-to-be father-in-law, Roberto, turned 65 recently. So, the family and friends gathered at Jim Dietrich Park for a celebration with music, drinks, and of course, cake. And even though it wasn’t an official October Dreams photoshoot, Ashley had to bring her camera along to capture the party. Check out some highlights below.

The Hernandezes have some killer dance moves!

It’s a rare sight to see the whole Hernandez family pose for a photo, so this was a must.

Some smaller group shots: Roberto with his wife and kids, plus the ladies of the Hernandez fam.

Some special party guests: Sam and Charlotte, whom we’ve featured on our blog already! And Ashley’s fiancé, Cesar. He’s special too, or whatever.

Can we get a little commotion for this INCREDIBLE tres leches cake?

Their love is so adorable.

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