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Portrait Spotlight: Cesar’s Gym Session

One of the perks of dating a photographer: free photos! Ashley’s boyfriend has a passion for fitness and bodybuilding/powerlifting, so she captured his gym session at Time to Rise Fitness in Shillington, PA. This portrait session was a little different for October Dreams Photography, but we do love to experiment! The lighting in a gym can be a challenge to work with. However, gym sessions are a great opportunity for some more natural, unposed photos that showcase hard work in action. Check out some highlights from Cesar’s gym session below.

A room full of mirrors means the chance to try out a ton of different angles. We love the look of the blurred reflection!

A gym is a surprisingly good place to show off an artistic photography style. We don’t always have to capture the entire body; gotta show those muscles some love, too!

There’s no need to pay any attention to the camera during a gym portrait session. Just concentrate on your workout and let us handle the rest. We love to showcase authenticity.

The faces of a bodybuilder hard at work are way better than staged, smiling photos, in our humble opinion.

…On the other hand, every session needs at least one shot of your beautiful smile!