Status Change: Homeowner!

Hey readers!
This is a little late, but I have been a bit M.I.A because my boyfriend and I just moved into our new HOUSE! Most people get jewelry after dating for one year. We decided to skip a few steps and jump right into a house.
Okay okay, I’m kidding about the jumping in part. My boyfriend had been interested in buying a house before (even before we were dating), and we just fell in love with our 3-bedroom, 1900 square foot home. It was the first house we looked at and didn’t even tour any other homes. Why? Well, to put it in my dad’s words, “sometimes you just find the right one first.” We had done some online browsing in the area and, after finding nothing comparable to our home, we decided to put in an offer.
And it has been smooth sailing ever since.
Now, buying a home is NOT easy. We did not expect our process to be this easy. But our home inspection only resulted in needing a Radon system, our price negotiation took 24 hours, and it all just felt right.
I’m not the type of person who believes in destiny and fate, but with how easy this process was, I’m about to start.
We are both exhausted after moving (because physically moving is by far the hardest part), and we are tired of buying things like locks and trash cans, but we have a space that we can call and make our own. And once it gets to where we want it, all of the exhaustion will be so worth it!
More posts will follow regarding how we choose to decorate and where we shopped to save money! Now that I have my own office in the house, I’ll be able to dive back into blogging and freelance writing more often and hopefully finally start building a brand and a blog with a bit more direction.
Ta-ta for now!