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The 5 best practices for using LinkedIn for business

Small businesses might sometimes overlook LinkedIn when setting up social media pages since it’s not the most popular platform for interacting with clients and customers. However, it’s just as important to interact with fellow business owners and colleagues, and LinkedIn is the best place for that. Here are some LinkedIn best practices to elevate your business page.

Reshare content from your LinkedIn connections and fellow businesses

Last month, we mentioned the importance of resharing content from other business pages on Facebook. That same tip applies to LinkedIn. Your LinkedIn business page operates pretty similarly to a Facebook page in that you have a feed showing posts from your connections and liked pages.

Rather than only sharing your own posts, make sure to show some love to the posts you come across on your feed. This is especially true if the content aligns with your own posts and your business’s values. Not only does this bolster relationships with your connections, but it can also draw links between you and thought leaders in your industry.

Use professional language in your business posts

The tone of LinkedIn posts is generally a bit more elevated than other social media platforms. You should maintain professionalism on all your business pages, but even more so on LinkedIn. Remember that your audience on LinkedIn will primarily be others in your industry, so you can include more “shop talk” than if you were speaking to customers. However, you should still be sure to include a balanced mix of industry content and content geared toward clientele, just to cover all your bases.

LinkedIn best practices
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Invite people from your network to follow your business page

Don’t be afraid to invite connections from your network to follow your business page, especially if it’s new. This can help to spread the word about your page and increase growth.

In the same vein, you can share posts from your business page on your personal activity feed, and make sure to mark yourself as an employee/owner of the company. This will create a direct link from your personal page to your business page and vice versa.

Use the LinkedIn jobs function to find candidates when necessary

Finally, the beauty of LinkedIn is that it doubles as a place to find more employees for your business when needed. This is one of the best platforms to find qualified candidates. You can post job listings with detailed descriptions and LinkedIn will match the qualifications with potentially interested job seekers.

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