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The importance of staying hydrated and how to do it

Apparently, my theme for the week is fitness and health. Good morning world, today’s topic is HYDRATION!
A lot of people struggle with their water intake on a daily basis. Hydration is extremely important for everyone, not just people involved in fitness! But, if you’re not working out and making yourself thirsty, how do you keep up with your water intake? I have a few tips in this post that might just help you out.

  • Make sure you have water everywhere you go. If that means having a different water bottle at each of your common locations, so be it! I have a Swell bottle at work that ALWAYS stays at work. That way, I am constantly reminded to drink from it and fill it up. I have a different water jug for the gym (I need tons of water there), a shaker in my bedroom for when I’m thirsty at night, and then I grab waters from time to time when I go shopping or out with friends.


  • Tea counts! Flavored water counts! Sparkling water counts! If you get sick of drinking plain water all day, switch it up. The goal is to hydrate with the least number of calories. As long as you aren’t drinking something with tons of sugar, go for it! I enjoy black cherry sparkling water and tons of tea. My favorite brand of tea right now is Whittard and I love their Apple & Elderflower blend!


  • Buy a water bottle that you can mark up. I’m sure you have seen the bodybuilders who carry around a jug of water with lines on it for how much water they need to drink per hour or 2 hours. If that is something that will motivate you, then do it! Buy a cheap water bottle and cover it in tick marks. See if it helps!


  • Track your water intake. I use the Myfitnesspal app to track all of my macros and it has a water portion! If you have a cup or water bottle that you know the size of, just keep track every time you finish it. The app (or any other
    water-tracking app) will be able to tell you how much you SHOULD drink in a day and how much you DID drink. This always makes me feel guilty when I miss my goal.


  • Drink when you are thirsty….and when you are not. Just because you aren’t parched doesn’t mean your body doesn’t need water. Every time you think about drinking water, just do it. It will help sooo much!

That’s all I have for now!
Do you have any hydration tips? Comment them below!