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Types of swag/merch to have for your brand

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Branded swag, or promotional products for your business, may seem like a frivolous investment. However, it can actually benefit you in the long run. Here’s why it’s important to have branded swag, plus some go-to products for both employees and clients/customers.

Why is company swag important?

First and foremost, branded swag is an excellent way to bring awareness to your business. Think about it this way: Your brand logo is on a water bottle that a customer or an employee takes with them everywhere. Someone asks about it and all of a sudden they’re chatting up your business.

In addition to spreading brand awareness, giving swag to customers is a great way to build a sense of community and keep them coming back to your business. The same goes for employees, who can proudly rep their place of work with your branded products. That’s part of bolstering your company culture.

Of course, you should always make sure your branded swag is high-quality. It will likely be a bit pricier, but poor-quality products can leave a negative impression.

Company swag for employees

Image by PNW Production

Apparel is typically the go-to swag for employees. It’s a good idea for any salespeople to have one or two polos with your business’s logo that they can wear around clients or at conventions. That way, it’s still professional while repping the company. Button-downs or quarter-zips are also a great option for cooler months.

You might also consider a T-shirt, baseball/trucker cap, or a backpack/cooler. These are good gift options for new hires or employee anniversaries or holidays. Remember: keep it high-quality if you can. You want your employees to feel excited about receiving these products!

It’s also worth noting that branded swag is important even for fully remote employees or ones who may not interact directly with customers/clients. They can still rep the company with your products!

Company swag for customers/clients

When it comes to customer swag, it’s always a good idea to keep up with any trends. For example, Hydroflask water bottles are all the rage. You could order a batch of these bottles customized with your brand’s logo.

Of course, there are also the classic office items as company swag: mouse pads, Post-Its, pens, etc. Customers and clients can display these on their desks for others to see, thus spreading brand awareness.

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