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What team imagery says about your company

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? That saying holds true even in the business world. The photos you use to represent your team can say a lot about the business as a whole. So, let’s say you’re putting together an About Us page on your website that features an image for each employee. Are those images going to be professional headshots? Selfies? Cartoon drawings? Before you decide, think about how those images will affect customer perception. Here’s what team imagery can say.

Caricatures or cartoons

One way to stand out from other businesses is to commission cartoon or caricature drawings of your employees to feature on the website. The tone associated with these types of images is often fun and lighthearted. So, if you want customers/clients to see your business in a more serious and formal manner, this might not be the way to go.

Business professional headshots

If you are going for a serious tone, you can probably stick with business professional headshots. In this case, it’s worth hiring a photographer and having a “picture day” where you can capture everyone’s headshots against the same plain and simple backdrop. That way, everything looks uniform.

Team imagery: business casual headshots

Business casual headshots

Business casual photos are the safest middle ground between serious and lighthearted. In these cases, employees would still pose professionally in work attire, but the backgrounds can be a bit more laid back as long as they’re appropriate. The above image, for example, is a professional but relaxed photo.

Anything goes

Finally, many businesses opt to let employees submit any personality-filled photo, like a vacation pic or a selfie. These photos can give a homey or casual feel that may help customers/clients connect better with your business. Like the cartoons, this type of imagery is definitely more laid-back.

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