Tips & Tricks

What to do when you lack inspiration

Today, I have been struggling with inspiration for my blog. I know there are tons of topics I could cover, but the words are just not coming to me. So, I am taking a step back to reflect and find some perspective and (hopefully) ideas!

Here is what I do to get the creative juices going and reach deep for a good topic:

  1. Brew up a nice cup of tea

I am sure a ton of you reading this are coffee drinkers, but for those of you who do not know, I do not drink caffeine at all. I used to drink 2 sodas in a morning to keep myself awake (I hate the taste of coffee), and I decided one day that I could not keep doing that. Now, I avoid caffeine at all costs and also do not drink soda unless absolutely necessary.

Getting back on track, I have noticed that a nice, hot mug of tea is a great way to relax and open up the mind. Bonus: I drink Yogi tea because they have inspirational quotes on their tea tags that I use to get through my day!

  1. Crack open a good book

Nothing screams inspiration like a good book. Sometimes, I read a classic love of mine, such as Harry Potter or Jane Eyre. Others, I reach for a new novel I have no started yet. Today, I will be grabbing a favorite, because I am far too tired to break open something new.

  1. Stretch

Stretching has always been a great release of tension for me. I carry all of my tension in shoulders, which often interrupts my thought processes. Stretching helps me relive tension, maintain flexibility, and spread my tension away from my shoulders.

  1. Write

This one may sound pointless, but it always helps me! I will grab a notebook and just word vomit all over the pages. I write down ideas, words that I love, bits and pieces of sentences, and anything else that comes to mind. Sometimes I am able to formulate concepts, and other times I just create pages of words that I can come back to at a later date. Remember: nothing you write is EVER useless!

  1. Take a bath/shower

I am not a bath person, but any time spent in water helps with inspiration. I often use water to create poetry and short pieces, so sometimes a shower or bath helps me collect thoughts for a blog post or essay I want to compose.

  1. Listen to music

Don’t listen to your favorite music though. Listen to a genre you do not usually experience. Open up your mind. You never know when you will hear a lyric or note that will strike a chord (yes, I rewrote the sentence to make that work) in you and send you into a writing frenzy!

  1. Talk with/Hang out with friends

I have some pretty amazing friends and they inspire me every single day. Sometimes, they give me great ideas to write about. Other times, just listening to them talk about their day gives me ideas. I also have friends who are writers, so we often complain about writer’s block until we get through it. Sometimes, all you need is a good vent session.

Hopefully, you can use some of these ideas next time you are stuck in your life. Whether it be an essay, a relationship, or just life, these methods have proven to me time and time again that inspiration can come from anywhere!