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What to include on your business website’s products page

Last month, we talked about what to include on the services page of your business website. If you’re selling products instead of services, the page is going to look a little different. Some elements are the same across the board, but there are a few important things to note when listing your products. Here’s what to include to give your customers the best shopping experience! Remember: the smoother the experience, the more likely they are to return.

Photos for each product

Having photos of your products is crucial because most customers won’t want to make a purchase without seeing the item first. Take some time to set up a photography area to get clear, well-lit shots of what you’re selling. Make sure to get some different angles, too. It’s best to upload a few photos for one product to ensure customers can see everything they need to see.

When uploading the images to your website, make sure they’re a decent size (800 x 800, for example) and high quality. However, photos that are too big and too hi-res will just slow down the site’s loading speed, which might cause customers to leave. Make sure to preview the website from a customer’s perspective to see how the photos affect the site before going live.

Detailed product descriptions with SEO keywords

In addition to the photos, each product should have a description page detailing everything a customer would need to know about the product. For example, its dimensions, what it’s used for, and how it works are all important elements of a product description. Ultimately, the goal is to describe how the product will benefit the customer/how it will solve a problem.

Choose your words carefully! Make sure to include some honest buzz words (for example, “sleek” or “revolutionary” if applicable) and add SEO keywords where they fit naturally. These keywords should match what the customer will search for in a search engine because they can help your product page appear in search engine results. Above all else, make sure the copy is clean, concise, and simple! Shopify has some great product description examples.

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A quick add to cart feature

Sometimes, a customer knows exactly what they’re looking for. They might not need to click into the product to know they want to buy it. To make things smoother, you might consider putting quick add buttons over each product on the collection page — the main page where all the products are listed together. When a customer hovers over the product, they should see the add to cart button over the image.

Add a reviews section for each product

In the same area as each product’s description, you should add a reviews section. This is another thing many customers rely on when making a purchase. They want to know what other customers think of the product! The important part is to make sure the reviews correspond to the right products, rather than letting them all sit together in one spot. That way, customers will only see the reviews for the product they’re looking at.

A contact form

Finally, just like on a services page, you might want to add a contact form to your products page. That way, customers can send you an email with a clear subject, so you can easily answer any questions. You can add subjects to a drop-down menu in the form, such as “Problem with my order” or “Question about a product.” It will keep things organized for you in your inbox!

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